Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Haul @ 18/3/10

This came in today. :DHmm, I wonder what's inside.. Yay !! Finally.. These came in.. Actually I was only going for the R34, but since the rest was decently price (PwP), I decided to get a few more. :DAnother reg Torino Talladega. Still a really pretty car. :DMy second '67 GT500. Somehow the blue looks better on this car.And finally, a white Murcielago. Damn this looks good. I think the orange is missing.. hmm

And here's some pics of the R34 GT-R. Made by Fast Lane, this can only be found in Toys R Us. Love the details on this one.
Front end of the R34. Looks sharp. Love it.Rear end. Painted rear lights. At least. :D Well, this one MUST go for a wheel swap. And I want to see how does this compare with the upcoming HW casting. :D


  1. Woah! You sure ah poison man... Lol~ ^_^ Congrats! The murcielago is nice... haven't seen any here :(

    Is that an eleanor? from gone in 60 secs?

  2. Lambo was quite popular a few months back, but never more than 3-4 at the same place.

    That's just the 67' Shelby GT500. The Eleanor has a different hood and front end. =)