Thursday, March 4, 2010

1/43 Bandai Nissan GT-R

Got this from the last Litt Takk sale. It's a Bandai 1/43 Nissan GT-R. Original price was RM90, but the price I got it for was really really absurd. Sale ma. LOL.
Love the front end of the car. It's very detailed for a 1/43 plastic model.Yup, mine's the normal GT-R, not like zack's SpecV. Wished I had the SpecV. lol
Side view. The size of the rims are just perfect. And I've detailed the disc brakes. :)
Rear shot. The lights are also separate pieces, and not molded on. Sweeeet !!

To be frank, this one is really worth buying. And the details are far more superior than the Maisto 1/24 version.


  1. nice bandai GTR!!! really lucky dude!! i missed the lit tak sales..

  2. Pity din buy more oni.. damn worth weh.. hahha