Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNY Haul

Well, I did pass my wanted list to a friend of mine. Here are the cars he came back with.A '67 Shelby GT500. I already have the dark blue one, and this "should" complete the variants. I hope. Oddly enough, the card-art shows the same car, but the rims looks like a black PR5. hmm...
A Back Slider. I already have one, but uncarded, as the card was bend. This one goes to the storage box. Hehe
Super Van. Looks pretty old school, yet cool at the same time. Ambulance..? Hmm
GP2009. This looks like the same casting of a Ferrari F1 car I have some time back. Love that matte blue paint job. Looks really cool.
And my personal fav. The Buick Grand National. One prob, when the car was on the pegs, I did not bother to buy it, as I was hoping the price to drop. Sadly, it did not. Not just that, the car disappeared, and the price WENT UP. Just my luck, I guess.


  1. IMO, the Grand National is too underrated here or maybe I have a penchant for castings people do not like? :-P

  2. Haha, either way man.. But it really does grow on me... pity the roof above the window is kinda "sunk"

  3. The backslider's my fav too. ^_^ I bought two as well. Ah the buick... I saw it on the racks too...been there for ages...no one buy I think. Now they don't even sell HWs at that store anymore! :'(

  4. nice haul eric!!
    yes,price do went up and never comes down. the only compensation is only when there's on sales but you might not get the models that you wanted it. cheers!

  5. @ diwong : where's "that" store?

    @ daniel : thanks man ! moral is, see nice, buy now. regret later. LOL.If dun buy, also regret wo.. :/

  6. Lol yea I agree...once see better buy...if not then go back sure gone!

    It's a small giant supermarket near my hse. ^ ^