Monday, March 22, 2010

Hot Tunerz 5 Pack

Oddly enough, I was surprised that I haven't posted this set yet. So here goes. :D

BTW, I'm only featuring the 2 best looking cars here.

First car, the Toyota Corolla AE86. First appeared in 2006, it seemed to have disappeared. Well, until recently, that is. Thus far, the car has either been in primer grey or white. I'm hoping to see this in a single card form. :D Really decent casting of a nice car.

The second car is a 2006 Honda Civic Si.
This one has appeared many times before, although not all variants/casting are available in Malaysia. The Hot Tunerz we have here is in purple with a big Si wording on the side. Pretty eye grabbing.Another this is that, since this is a tuner's car, a huge GT Wing has to be expected, and there it was. :D

The other 3 cars are the Tantrum, Flight '03 and the Super Tsunami. None of them looks as good as these 2 though. :D


  1. yup, these two cars are pretty attracting, i mean in 5 pack. and we can't get them in single carded, very well marketing strategy.

  2. Hi Eric,

    What Daniel said is correct & i like the different version of both Toyota E86 & Honda Civic.