Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mini Haul @ 23/3/10

Got this from a close fren of mine. :D
Finally got my Camaro Concept THunt.. :D Damn this looks good!!!
Followed by my favourite Plymouth Superbird. :D The wing is nothing short of awesome! Now, where's that Ecto-1 ... ? hehe

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hot Tunerz 5 Pack

Oddly enough, I was surprised that I haven't posted this set yet. So here goes. :D

BTW, I'm only featuring the 2 best looking cars here.

First car, the Toyota Corolla AE86. First appeared in 2006, it seemed to have disappeared. Well, until recently, that is. Thus far, the car has either been in primer grey or white. I'm hoping to see this in a single card form. :D Really decent casting of a nice car.

The second car is a 2006 Honda Civic Si.
This one has appeared many times before, although not all variants/casting are available in Malaysia. The Hot Tunerz we have here is in purple with a big Si wording on the side. Pretty eye grabbing.Another this is that, since this is a tuner's car, a huge GT Wing has to be expected, and there it was. :D

The other 3 cars are the Tantrum, Flight '03 and the Super Tsunami. None of them looks as good as these 2 though. :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Haul @ 18/3/10

This came in today. :DHmm, I wonder what's inside.. Yay !! Finally.. These came in.. Actually I was only going for the R34, but since the rest was decently price (PwP), I decided to get a few more. :DAnother reg Torino Talladega. Still a really pretty car. :DMy second '67 GT500. Somehow the blue looks better on this car.And finally, a white Murcielago. Damn this looks good. I think the orange is missing.. hmm

And here's some pics of the R34 GT-R. Made by Fast Lane, this can only be found in Toys R Us. Love the details on this one.
Front end of the R34. Looks sharp. Love it.Rear end. Painted rear lights. At least. :D Well, this one MUST go for a wheel swap. And I want to see how does this compare with the upcoming HW casting. :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some small updates..

Some random photoshopped cars. :p

Maybe potentially some new colors for the GT-R? :p

All pics are from HWC. Credit goes to them for pics, but credit me for the photochop. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1/43 Bandai Nissan GT-R

Got this from the last Litt Takk sale. It's a Bandai 1/43 Nissan GT-R. Original price was RM90, but the price I got it for was really really absurd. Sale ma. LOL.
Love the front end of the car. It's very detailed for a 1/43 plastic model.Yup, mine's the normal GT-R, not like zack's SpecV. Wished I had the SpecV. lol
Side view. The size of the rims are just perfect. And I've detailed the disc brakes. :)
Rear shot. The lights are also separate pieces, and not molded on. Sweeeet !!

To be frank, this one is really worth buying. And the details are far more superior than the Maisto 1/24 version.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GreenLight 2010 Shelby GT500

This arrived today. I wonder what's inside...Yay!! My Greenlight 2010 Shelby GT500 is here. Damn it looks good. Here's a front shot of the car. Pretty impressive for a 1/64 car.Rear shot. Even the tail lights are separate pieces, not painted on. Sweeet !!Since there's only 5000 units available, mine is #4334. Maybe I should go buy 4D liao.

I would like to extend my gratitude to hokuan of H-Hobby for organizing this bulk. Thanks !! Here's more pics of the GT500 from hokuan's blog.

Again, I apologize for the shitty pics my W810i produces.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNY Haul

Well, I did pass my wanted list to a friend of mine. Here are the cars he came back with.A '67 Shelby GT500. I already have the dark blue one, and this "should" complete the variants. I hope. Oddly enough, the card-art shows the same car, but the rims looks like a black PR5. hmm...
A Back Slider. I already have one, but uncarded, as the card was bend. This one goes to the storage box. Hehe
Super Van. Looks pretty old school, yet cool at the same time. Ambulance..? Hmm
GP2009. This looks like the same casting of a Ferrari F1 car I have some time back. Love that matte blue paint job. Looks really cool.
And my personal fav. The Buick Grand National. One prob, when the car was on the pegs, I did not bother to buy it, as I was hoping the price to drop. Sadly, it did not. Not just that, the car disappeared, and the price WENT UP. Just my luck, I guess.

Part 3 : Haul @ 2/3/2010

Heard a word that 7-11 may be restocking again. Hurried down to my nearest 7-11, but was told that there was no stock. Oh well, but I did find these two beauts.

A '70 Buick GSX. The color may be a lil girly in my tast. :/ But what the heck, it's a beautiful muscle car. Do take note that the Muscle Mania 2010 features the new MC5 muscle car rims.
Here's a front shot of the GSX. My W810's cam sucks. A lot.

Here's the second one. This is a '67 Dodge Charger. Yet again, sad with the rather sissy color :( But I love the car nonetheless. Here's the front shot of the Charger.

It seems to me, that the old school American muscle car poison is working overtime in me again. Oh dear~