Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Part 3 : Haul @ 2/3/2010

Heard a word that 7-11 may be restocking again. Hurried down to my nearest 7-11, but was told that there was no stock. Oh well, but I did find these two beauts.

A '70 Buick GSX. The color may be a lil girly in my tast. :/ But what the heck, it's a beautiful muscle car. Do take note that the Muscle Mania 2010 features the new MC5 muscle car rims.
Here's a front shot of the GSX. My W810's cam sucks. A lot.

Here's the second one. This is a '67 Dodge Charger. Yet again, sad with the rather sissy color :( But I love the car nonetheless. Here's the front shot of the Charger.

It seems to me, that the old school American muscle car poison is working overtime in me again. Oh dear~

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