Monday, February 1, 2010

Tomica Evo X vs Hot Wheels Evo X

Here, I am comparing the Hot Wheels and Tomica Evo X. Which one is better? You guys be the judge.

From these pics, you'll notice that the Hot Wheels' rear bumper is sharper than the Tomica's one, which is a little too "soft".
From the front end, the Tomica's headlights are either painted on, or not painted, depending on variant. As for the Hot Wheels Evo X, it is a separate piece.
The Hot Wheels has bigger wheels when compared to the Tomica.
Notice how the Tomica does not paint the rear foglights and does not have the Mitsubishi logo on the boot. And the lights aren't exactly accurate.
Another rear shot. Notice how the Hot Wheels' rear spoiler protrudes out more than the Tomica's. It also seems "sharper" than the Tomica's.
Up close front shot. I do think that the Hot Wheels Evo X is a bit more aggressive, although they're both the same car. :p
The Hot Wheels Evo X, from here, has a sharper front when compared to the Tomica Evo X.

So which one would I pick? It would definitely be the Hot Wheels, as overall, it's a better car.

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