Monday, February 1, 2010

Mini Haul @ 2/1/10

Bought these from fellow LYN member mushr00m. I already have the Pontiac Firebird, but it was years ago, and the condition is not entirely great. As for the Ford Focus, I already have a blue color one. I love the Hot Bird's tempos, as it is very bright and sharp. Although the card labels the Hot Bird as a Hot Bird, the base of the car states it's a Pontiac Firebird. Cool. The green Firebird 400 is a loose car I also bought from him. It seems, that now I may buy some more muscle cars and uncard them. The coolest car, to me, is the one he RAOK-ed, which is the Horseplay. Personally, I'm not very much into HW Original cars, but this one is just cool. The body of the car is transparent, and so is the wheels.

Thanks again to mushr00m for these great cars.


  1. nice haul eric!! and nice RAOK from mushrOOm! he's really a nice guy and i've met him quite often.

    And you have nice blog here too! i've added your die-cast blog on my fav. list.

  2. Thanks for linking back, Daniel ! you guys are lucky to meet, as I'm still here in Kampar..haha..

    cheers man!