Friday, February 12, 2010

Mustang 45th 5 Car Pack

Been looking high and low for this one, after seeing one in TRU 1U the other day. Unfortunately, luck wasn't by my side until very recently.

First one up is the '65 Mustang Fastback. From outside, I thought that it would be the unwanted odd ball, as all 5 car and 3 car pack would have. Boy was I wrong.
Here's my favorite part. The engine's bonnet actually opens are reveals the V8 underneath!! Sweet !!

Next up is the '92 Ford Mustang. Last of the Fox body 'stangs. Love the way the 5SP rims matches the car.

Here we have the '07 Mustang GT. Unlike the '05 Mustang GT, this one is a "tuned" version, hence the bodykits.
This white one is a Mustang Cobra. Was used as a racing car in the 80's.

Lastly, we have the '99 Mustang. I have the 1999 First Edition version of this one, so I guess this one complements it. :D

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  1. nice mustang haul eric!!
    i'll believe it's your favourites casting and you have it here.

    nice pictures!