Sunday, January 24, 2010

Featured Car -> Back Slider

The Back Slider is a 2010 New Model. MB and Jada already has similar vehicle carriers. For for this post, I'll be focusing on only the Back Slider.
Here's the beauty. fyi, there's no interior, and that's just a chrome piece.
Very cool side profile.
With the bed extended.

Now let's see what happens when some cars are loaded onto the Back Slider.

Mitsubishi L200/Triton from Matchbox.
Here it comes.
It managed to find its way up, no problems.
What a nice fit.

Recommended for those who wants to transport their cars from places to places. lol. The grooves at the back of the bed prevents any cars on top of it from sliding down.

Haul @ 23/1/10

Found these from a nearby shopping complex.Regular 2010 T Hunt '69 Ford Torino Talladega

And the same one, but this one is a $uper. Can't believe my luck to find both at the same place. I bet this would be a must get for lots of collectors.

And these followed.
The Cadillac CTS-V. Been waiting for these for a very long time already. So I didn't hesitate to take 3 of 'em. Very sharp casting of one of my favorite cars.
These were also found. The Riley&Scott MKIII is a LeMans car that looks very sweet as well, but the jewel here is the Dodge Charger Drift car. The original Dodge Charger SRT8 from Hot Wheels was a disappointment, as it was just too fat, and plump. The Matchbox Dodge Charger was so much better. And with the new casting, this one can match MB's Charger. Sweet !

Petronas Haul @ 18/1/10

On the way back to campus, stopped by a Petronas along the NSE to try out my luck.
Found these two. FTE '09 Corvette ZR1 and a Modified Rides '09 DD. Yeah, this is my first DD, and hoping to get more in a near future. Fellow collectors have noted that the price at Petronas was RM8.50 to RM8.70, but I managed to get these for RM6.50 each. Decent catch to start off 2010 with some 2009 cars. lol